Sunday, April 13, 2008

In Circles

There is a chair on castors, in my room

Into it I sit, rotating around, day and night.

I look above at the coved ceiling,

Swiveling in circles, with the hands of clock;

One round, two rounds, three rounds past

I still rotate around, day and night.

Now the walls begin to walk, and cupboards run,

I see colours and stars, and strange shapes in my eyes!

Then an angel descends from the clouds of my mind,

And gently removes and keeps my head aside.

I listen to my laughter, but forget my voice

I am still alive, but as if without a life;

Like the dervishes, I whirl around, my skirt flying by,

My red hat too, rotates around, day and night.

I feel like I am that little keyed doll,

That claps and jumps, with its rotating key.

I feel like the planets dancing around in sky,

Bored of revolving around the same old sun;

Even the lemon looks pretty same, like that sun

Now squeezed dry, into the cocktail of my memories.

I wish I was free again...

I wish I was free again,

To live as I wished, doing things I love

None, with even a word would torment;

My heart of a child, in this innocent life,

Which like the soap bubbles, swells and bursts!

I wish I was free again,

Wearing the rustic robe of night,

I wish I could hide away…from this selfish world;

Rather than vanishing in the desert storms,

I would become the sand or winds or the oases!

I wish I was free again,

No life, no death, no ignorance, no escape

Just a rhapsodic release from this all,

Still only an enjambment, to the everlasting joy;

The joy of peace, of freedom!

I wish I was free again,

Looking through the window, at the empty street,

Listening to my goldfish, in its bowl breathe,

Following it through to crescendo

…of its melody of life, so happy and so free!