Wednesday, December 13, 2006

El Rumbo de la Vida

El rumbo de la vida, se parece tanto al rio,
El río del amor, el río de la lluvia;
La lluvia...y su agua celestial.
Aunque empiece pequeño,
Lentamente crece inmenso;
Aunque primeramente parece insconstante,
luego se va calmando.
El rumbo de la vida, se parece tanto al río,
Nos somos las ojas de otoño;
En su fluego tranquilo.
Dejar atrás qué ha pasado,
Siempre adelantar...como el tiempo;
No preocupar nunca...acerca del futuro,
Siempre adelantar.
El rumbo de la vida, se parece tanto al río,
Con sólo una meta... alcanzar el mar.
Viviendo...sólo este momento,
Nada mas...continúemos fluyendo;
Apagando la sed de los transeúntes,
Continúe fluyendo...debajo del cielo abierto.
El rumbo de la vida, se parece tanto al río,
El río del amor, el río de la lluvia;
La lluvia...y su agua celestial.

The course of life, it's so much like a river,
The river of love, the river of rain;
Rain...and its heavenly waters.

Although it starts small,
Slowly it becomes huge;
Although it seems fickle at first, calms down.

The course of life, it's so much like a river,
We are like autumn leaves;
Which flow with the tranquil flow,
Leaving behind what is passed,

Always going time;
Never preoccupied about the future
Always going on.

The course of life, it's so much like a river,
With only one goal... meet the sea.

Living only in this moment,
Nothing else...we flow on;
Quenching the thirsts of passers by,
Flow on...under the open sky.
The course of life, it's so much like a river,
The river of love, the river of rain;
Rain...and its heavenly waters.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Go On...!

Try not to make your life just long,
But try and make it contented and strong

It's not your Needs but Deeds that count,
It's the seeds of love that you sow count;

The power of eternity lies with you,
And this is a fact not very new

Then why you let your work unfulfilled?
The kingdom of humanity you have to build,

So go on, now go on, just go on and on,
For only you can bring over a bright new dawn!

Carry Me On Your Morning Wings

Carry me on your morning wings,

O dawn carry me to the sky...

Chasing the winds and over the clouds,

up above the rainbow high;

It's to the sun I want to go...

...away from the cold bleak night,

Breaking all bonds with the mortal world

to experience the feeling divine.

Carry me on your morning wings,

O dawn carry me up high...

It's the soothing cool warmth of the early sun

I want to feel and enjoy;

Take me there on your morning wings

where everything is just fine,

No drop of rain, no burning flame

would disturb me as all's just fine.

Carry me on your morning wings,

O dawn carry me to the sky...

I want to count the countless clouds,

And feel the timeless light;

Take me where pure love is abound,

and is eternal indeed...

And only sound that you can hear,

is the waltz of love resound.

The Spring

My rain dance lasted for night long

But now its dawn I see,

And it is the time to sing the song

from so long I wanted to sing.

I sing about the merry birds

I sing of nature's bliss,

I sing the song of picturesque woods

That stand lifeless and still.

Silhouette of dawn in woods looks like

spotlighting first flower of spring,

And wood-winds making it gently rock

On the rhythm of gushing streams.

The snow on the branches is melting now

Exposing the lichens beneath,

And ugly moths breaking their cocoons

transform to butterflies, as we dream.

The joyous ants are again on their march

Celebrating the arrival of spring,

And squirrels coming out of their holes say

"Rejoice!" for it is the 'spring'.
This is one of the old poems I wrote last year.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


On the roof I lay,
watching the clouds;
and then the stars at night,
Ah! a rose just did pout!

Wait! it's not a stone,
it screamed just now;
but why does it hide?
Think not more, for you know why.

Look into my eyes though,
and see thyself;
but when I look in thine,
It's the eternity me sees.

So you say you know it all?
then look at this stick;
tell me what it is,
don't know why, I just see the sand!

A sphere in a sphere,
and just void in between;
nothing else, there be...
so where is the child you see?

Giant waves of the oceans blue,
sweep the shores each day;
but what do they leave behind?
A which our worlds be!

Winds too blow the leaves now,
of the flaming trees of autumn red;
they do go far away...yes they do,
but they return fresh and green.

So only this water, my concern be
and the pitcher it lives, does not;
oh! a thorn in my foot..what a shame!
I love it still, now it does be mine!
Dumb right? Not really...think! ;)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Confessions of a Fanatic.

Treading through the shadows, alone I walked

On the path which has no ending, and no start;

Cutting through the mist, alone I sailed

In the sea of tears of innocent wails;

Mesmerized, Hypnotized, Bewitched my soul had been

For millions of aeons, land I had not seen;

Locked up in the prison, of virtual walls

Never did I realize, that pride is followed by a fall;

Living like a fool, conforming with the herd

The picture of reality, thus becoming blurred;

Thinking that I am right, and the world is wrong

My ego had controlled me, for very long;

Unaware of my identity, being forever lost

Wretched I had become, like the one in 'Faust';

Unable to distinguish, the right and wrong

The true forces were becoming, unbearably strong;

There, just in front of me, was standing my doom

For any sort of doubt now, there was no room;

Running behind false ideals, all my life

Unaware of the reality, I had been;

I was dreaming to be a martyr and attain the 'Paradise'

Which in existence...never had been;

Scared I was, of some imaginary 'GUY'

With my true nature, I was refusing to comply;

O dear! I regret, what had I done;

In the name of something, which is nomore than a pun!

One more ring now, I have added to the chain;

Which binds me to this world, so mortal and profane!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Epitaph

Shhhh...!! Say no more, let me enjoy this solitude now;
See for yourself, the bliss it brings along.
Can you hear soul screams your name...
But alas! what can I do...I be there no more.
How shall I convince thy innocent heart?
Its laments I cannot see! But still thou be...
...the one you were, although time hath changed me.

Ask not again, for thou dost know, I have nothing to say;
Ask not though, but once...for I do have something to say.
Clueless I be, but still I must get done what is ought to be done;
Hence, this moment, I beseech look into my eyes.
Can you see, what I wish to say?
Can you hear what I wish to show? No! not the tears...
...for they won't stop; I ask thee once more, come near.

Did the thrush deliver my songs to you?
Did the flowers make thee cry?
And then did the butterflies catch those tears?
Oh! tears no more my love, now cheer!!
Look at the sun, setting behind those hills;
And behold the beauty of dusk, and rain showering...
...its heavenly pearls, shalt cheer thee up for sure!

Close thy eyes, and know it now; what has passed...
...cannot be changed. Past no more thy enemy be,
Live right now, right here. What of me? I be no more;
I lay in peace, love and no fear. Look up, and read those lines,
The epitaph says...mourn not, my love, be brave.
Thy floods of tears, won't bring me back; I live eternally,
in the memories we both cherished.

Forgive me though, no valediction I bade;
But wasn't it then for good? I never went,
I always was and will always be, in your heart...
...I belong nowhere, but there...forever.
This little rose, now that you put on my grave,
Indeed dost make me cry. But helpless I be...
...for we do know; that corpses cannot cry!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rainbow of my Dreams

I see a rainbow in the sky,

the rainbow of all those dreams;

All the dreams which I had seen,

and those wchich everyone see.

I look at the nimbus cleared sky,

which just showered the virgin rain;

The rain which sowed the seeds of life,

In the womb of barren earth's terrain.

The miracle of life, has manifested now,

Alas! but my eyes can't behold;

For this beauty I feel, is far beyond,

the springs of blessed mortal joy.

A fool indeed I ought to be,

who desires none but life itself;

A fool indeed I ought to be,

who fears none but fear itself.

Haunt me O wisdom! I stand before thee,

I turn the wheels of life, with my every wink;

Else I wish to drown and die,

in the deluge of my destiny.

I know for what I cometh here,

thy pranks shalt not work on me;

I hold the key to thy future, O wisdom!

only if thy wisheth to see.

Now I fly with lovley birds in sky,

up above the rainbow I see;

Together we span the oceans wide,

which start as a little stream.

Inexorable I know, my fate is indeed,

for I follow the path of my heart;

The heart which bore all those dreams,

the dreams of living again as a seed.

Rainbow, no more I wish to see,

for I see beyond its mien;

I bathe in the spring of first sulphur,

Which dissolves myself in thee.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Magic of Dawn.

Into the gentle embrace of night,

how calmly dawn does sleep;

Like a child with a smile on its face,

in the laps of his mother it dreams.

Slowly it awakes from the shadows of dark,

to a bright new day it rise;

Dusting away its lazy sleep,

spreading across the skies.

Tenderly knocking the nests of aves,

whose young ones on the boughs do rock;

Together they sing to welcome the morn,

along with their friends in flocks.

The saffron tinted sky of dawn,

across the ocean green tis'streatched;

With the display of light's interplay,

Which the artist in his easle has sketched.

Cold breeze blowing through the clouds,

carries the scent of musk;

O'er the land as it comes,

Carries with it the dusk.

Mesmerising indeed, is this beauty divine,

raptures the joy, like a young ravine;

Consuming my soul and mind it says...

seek me oh wise! for your truth is also mine.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

When Angels Save the Dead

An ocean of eternity waits
but the lapse of tides go on;
And still I wander like a lost soul,
in the alleys of life so dark.

Shadows of past haunt this day,
and shall haunt the morrow as well;
when storms are the pavers of our path,
what more can we expect?

Sorrows measure fathoms deep,
and you drown in the ocean of tears!
But the sight of your angel there for you
Wipes out all your fears.

There, to save you, it appears,
guised as an innocent lamb;
To lift you from this deadly strife,
and help you to repent?

But those who know nothing of this,
how shall they be prepared?
Will they perish and become the dust,
or will they meet their angel as well?

But when angels save the deads of ever,
need be for them to repent?

Who Am I?

Am I the mortal bond of men,
or am I a the freedom of birds?
Am I the path of lonely hearts,
or am I the sound of worlds?
Am I the water of gushing streams,
or am I the melody of reeds?
Am I the light of hopless darks,
or am I the begger on streets?
Am I the fragrance of daffodils,
or am I a pearl of dews?
Am I the smile of an innocent child,
or am I the truth all knew?
Am I the edge of the sword of truth,
or am I the valour of knights?
Am I the charm of the 'maggi' devine,
or am I the koans of 'wu'?
Am I the suffering of ignorants,
or am I the wisdom of wise?
Am I the one who really exists,
or am I spirit of light?
Am I 'duende' of all that is,
or am I the shower of rain?
Am I the one to see the end,
or am I the one to be slain?
What am I and who am I,
I know none about...
But one thing that I know for sure,
is...I am a hermit, who sings his dirge!
.....wink, and everything is changed!! ;)


"People say nothing changes overnight, but I don't agree. Even a moment enough to change your life; and you don't even need any big thing to bring about this change. Anything works...a lightning, a thunderstorm, breeze kissing your face on a sunny day even; a drop of rain, or a smile of an innocent soul even; melodies of birds or tunes of the angels' harps even. Changes occur every moment, we just don't understand them. Everything you do, everything you think, everything you plan changes the world. Each of these things have their own importance, their own place in the hierarchy of existence! But imagine thinking about this without language. Can you think without language? There would have been no reality without language, but isn't it also true that there would have been no language without reality? But what comes first? Time it seems to stretch for eternity and all these things occur in it. What exactly is eternity? Can we really see it in a grain of sand, as Blake thought? What is time? Does time run faster than thoughts or do the thoughts determine its passage? What if a hundred years are to be contained in a minute, and a hundred such minutes in a second; a hundred such seconds again in a momeny and this single moment lasts only so long as it takes for you to wink your eyes?! All your lives and all your deaths, all your acts and all your deeds come and go in this one moment but it lasts for an eternity!
You live for this one moment, yet we say there is no such moment to live in; and when it comes to an end, you realise that it were your deeds which determined the length of this moment. Some make it last for a second, others stretch it for an eternity; while the others live as if they would never die, and then die as if they never lived!! As it comes to an end, you start realiseing the truths. Some awake at the right time, while others never drop their slumber. Whatever they do, one thing is for sure, the truth starts unfolding only when your time comes, not a moment before. You understand that you tried to run with time, but when reality was that there was no time to run with! You live as a slave of your ego, bragging about your achievements, showing off your deeds and acts, but when the truth was that there was nothing to be achieved and no you to achieve anything. We exist as a thought, and yet there is no mind to think us; we are bound by its imagination, but we are itself the one who imagines and the one who is bound in's too absurd to be real, but at the same time it is too complex to be real.
You never lived your life, you start realising...all you did was living with it!! You unleashed your vengeance on your enemies, but did you ever realise that you yourself are your friend and you yourself are your foe?! Hot or cold, water never changes, all that changes is the way your hand feels it, you start realising. You imposed senseless restrictions on yourself for no reaons, but you were never bound by anything; freedom was always yours, you simply failed to recognise it! You never realised the one ultimate truth...that there is nothing without you, and you are nothing without anything else! All you ever sought was always within you, you just had to search it!
Everyone's turn comes when your destiny reaps, soul's dreams start manifesting and your heart shows you the way. All you are supposed to do is to follow it!!!"

I can never forget these words of "WU"! Revelations at its best. Why then, I don't understand, do they discriminate and boast about trivial things? Well, that's why I believe they call it a game of chance, not everyone's chance come at the same time! I thought I should share them with all of you.

Nil Desparandum...Nosce te Ipsum...Et Curum!!