Saturday, October 20, 2012

Loose Blogger's Consortium (LBC): Secrets

There is a thing or two I've learnt about secrets over the past couple of years. It has been in a fully sound state of mind that I have vetted and verified this little "secret" about secrets in general. Now I can't generalise and say whether this is true with everyone but based on preliminary observations, this phenomenon does appear to be universal. Before it begins to sound like an article from a science journal, let me get to the point.

On several occassions I have noticed that if you are in a process of planning or actually doing something, especially when it is very important, keeping it a secret until its done and you're on the other side, will most certainly ensure an obstacle-free course to your object of interest. I have experienced it several times that its best not to disclose your plans to anyone before they are done. What seems to happen if you do tell it before hand is that the number of trials and setbacks you receive tends to increase. At times it has even sabotaged the mission entirely. At best, the task is completed but with significant losses or unforeseen problems which prick you like a thorn along the way. Now of course this is and perhaps can never be verified scientifically, however, I would definitely recommend trying this out for yourself. There is no harm in trying, if it works you're golden. If it doesn't, well you've got nothing to loose.

I am not sure how this happens but the amount of times this has happened has confirmed my belief that there is more to it than mere coincidences or synchronicity. There must be an underlying force working here. Quite spooky.

On another note though, this appears to happens only with things you desperately want. It would usually not affect you if you tell people that you wish to become the next president of your country or become richer than Bill Gates. Perhaps because nobody would believe this can happen. Now you may well end up becoming one of those or even both. But the trend seems to be that people's or at least your audience's amount of faith in your ability to accomplish the thing you just told them will be inversely proportional to your level of mental and physical comfort along the way to accomplish the task. So keep it quite, work at it, get it done, and then throw a party. Else it will just be a party for an achievement that never was.

Think about it, is all I would say. The results of keeping such things a secret are too big to not want.

* Note to self: Writing scientific documents as a part of my job is clearly ruining my ability to write creatively and informally. Should've got back to blogging sooner.

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Delirious said...

You have taught me something that I never considered before. You are absolutely right; THe more people we involve in our secrets and plans, the more people there are to mess things up! The illustration you included really brought it all home to me. You have given me something to think about!

Grannymar said...

When working on a project I am inclined to keep it under wraps. I think it is due to the fear that I will not succeed. Once It is complete, then I am ready to share. I suppose this is more important in the business world, since there are people out there always ready to steal ideas and claim the fame without doing the hard work.

Rummuser said...

Welcome back to the LBC Rohit.

I have no secrets from anybody! What a dull life to lead!

Nukul Chopra said...

Strongly Agree and kind of following the strategy in business. It will create unnecessary competition and provoke your rivals to react before you make your move. Besides, not everyone around you would be happy if you succeed. SO keep it Discreet and throw a party later!!

Anonymous said...

It's quite simple.
A secret is something you only tell to one person at a time. That way... er... ah...

Maxi said...

My late husband always told me: never tell anyone what you plan because you may change your mind.
Blessings to you, Rohit ~ Maxi

Maria said...

Happy new year Rohit.