Friday, August 10, 2007

Life is that which you never knew it is; and when it starts unfolding, you realize that even you are not what you thought you were. Slowly and steadily as one comprehends the mysteries of this universe and begins to realize the truths of life, one begins to be isolated from the homogeneous monotony of the mundane realism. Whether this isolation is good or bad is yet another question but what is worth noting here is the immense potential which this isolation equips that individual with; the potential to become life itself in a way.

Everyone realizes the truth when their time comes, when their destinies mature, but it is this very truth that corrupts! When you see the joy as joy, the suffering as suffering, the pain as pain, the self as self, the illusion as illusion, the ignorance as ignorance and the escape therefrom as escape, you cease to be what you always believed you were. The reality as perceived by the ignorance bounded creatures of darkness becomes a mighty enemy of your selfless self, glorified by the eternal luminescence of that imperceptible and undescribable reality of all that there ever was, is and will ever be.

A fantasy although this may seem to be, it is the reality of our lives; a fantastic reality!


Waed S. said...

Well said my friend!
Welcome back Rohit!
It has been ages since I last checked here and it is always a pleasure oh wise one :P

Take care and cya soon amigo !

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. And as always what you you write touches the heart. :)
Kepp writing!!

Noor said...

rohitio!!! mis amigo?? is that how u say it? well anyways WELCOME BACK!! missed seeing toi's posts!! :D

well, anyways I managed to understand what u wrote, I know it's like a first!! :O but hey well, um evolving... just using the word 'evolving' implies 2 the fact that I am truely evolving!! :P

oh oh oh, my espanol is getting better!!! I need 2 talk 2 u 2 brag about it... :D

ahhh estoy feliz ur back! :D
keep posting it's the only way 2 know ur alive nowadays!! :P

lots of luv! buhbyeee... nos vemos!

FaerieDevilish said...

My life changed when I discovered that colours do not exist.

Haha, sorry. Your post reminded me of it. It's been a while since we last spoke, so I hope all's fine on your side. Greetings!