Monday, October 24, 2011

Short poems...yet another filler

Some random short poems, still couldn't get in the mood to write themed posts but will get there soon! :)

The lighthouse keeper would count the ships
...that sparkled in the light of moon
Waves devoured the stars
...and the foghorn played with the winds


Sunday morning sunshine, the smell of coffee brew
and burnt toast with marmalade on the side;
The lazy eyes notice how meaning loses itself after a while


Oil asks the wick, I burn you or you I?
The light just smiles..and the flame sighs


Delirious said...

very nice, and wonderful creativity!

Noor said...

I'm glad you're writing poetry again, don't deprive the world of your gift please.

Loved the 3rd one the most. Simple but very creative mashallah.

Rohit said...

@ Delirious: Thank you :)

@ Noor: I know this is after 3 years I think..I shocked myself! I like the last one better as well :)