Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back to blogging once again

It has been about 11 months since my last post. I am hoping this would be my official comeback to more consistent blogging rather than just another semicolons...well only time will tell that. But as I type this I am re-feeling (freshly baked word!) the amazing feeling I used to get when blogging. If only work was less hectic and life was more predictable. Anyhow, here we go then.

So the first post back is simply outlining how this blog would be going forward. This has to start with what in God's sweet name was I up to for all these months and where I am hoping to take this blog is very much connected to this. First of all, it was work. New job, less spare time, laziness, procrastination, the usual demons. On another note however, I tried to utilise the few spare moments of nothing to do in this time to think about what I should be doing with my life. Now I still haven't found the answer, which is why you can see "finding the purpose of my life" as one of my wishes in the bucket list on the right. As long as I figure it out before I die, that should be fine. In any case, what I did realise was that whatever I think, speak and do largely revolves around a few key areas of thought that it now appears I find myself attracted to.

- Attempt to become self sufficient
- Hoping for every thought, word and deed to have an impact beyond my vested selfish interests, no matter how small
- As much as possible, not be a cause of someone else's misery
- Making money (something non-altruistic for a change!!)
- Obsessive need to question anything and everything for no apparent reason (mostly not aloud)
- Rage against the system
- Photography (a hobby I picked up and upgraded in these past months)
- Drooling over motorbikes (especially Royal Enfield)
- Trying to figure out the purpose of my life
- Addiction to TED Ex videos
- Anything else interesting that I come across

Finally, I have also been experimenting on myself for a while. Trying to do rather unusual things and seeing whether it made any difference. Without giving away much, as subsequent posts will talk a lot about this anyway, it was to do with stuff my friends preferred to describe as insanity.

So this is broadly what I've been thinking about most of the time. From this perspective then, I hope to start a series of posts based around these themes. Its probably very much clear now that I am someone who is obsessed with organising and giving a structure to everything. Keeping this in mind then, I hope, and "hope" is a very important word here, so I hope to be able to post with at least some consistency on the following themes:

- Sustainable/Self-Sufficient Living or as some call Green Living
- Alternatives/out of the box ideas to live life differently
- Sharing the insights from self-experimentation
- Share an intriguing TED Ex video every week

Last but not the least, if I am allowed back in, I would very much like to resume writing with the Loose Bloggers Consortium (LBC) crew. Sincere apologies for vanishing without notice, but if you would be so kind as to let me back in, it would be a pleasure to post with you all every Friday. That should give me something to look forward to every weekend, apart from working the unofficial hours.

Pleasure to be back again, now just pray that I manage to become more consistent this time around. Now more than ever before, this would most certainly require a degree of divine intervention!


Delirious said...

You are always welcome in my blogging world! :)

Nukul Chopra said...

Surprisingly, while surfing through different web pages something reminded me of blogging. Since you were the motivation for me to blog I though to peep if you were still active. Amazed to know that you blogged just a few days ago in long time. Call it instinct but seems to be a connection. I might not blog that often but would be a reader and follower. SO keep blogging buddy....

Rohit said...

@ Delirious: Thank you Delirious, how've you been? Its always been a pleasure to post for LBC, its my one chance every week to use my brain for a change! And I still took such a long break. Hope I've returned to stay this time :)

Rohit said...

@ Nukul: Thanks for the comment bhai and such a surprise! Even I had a bit of a writer's block for all along so hoping to get back to this. You should start blogging again too, it nothing its a good way to get things in your head out so it frees up some space for more crap lol! Aur connection hai pakka...mai bhi soch raha tha tere blog ke bare mein, while posting this.

Grannymar said...

Welcome back Rohit, I thought you had vanished off the face of the earth! I look forward to your rejoining us on a Friday at the LBC. I am fascinated with your list in the side bar.. I got rid of my TV about 14 years ago and never missed it. Radio is my preference and the bonus is: I get to make my own pictures in my head!

Rohit said...

@ Grannymar: Thank you! I wouldn't vanish off this planet before I manage to accomplish at least half of the things in that bucket list :) Its always a pleasure to blog with LBC.

Radio still hasn't lost its appeal, and you're right its a lot better and easier to turn off than TV. Am sure you would know exactly what I mean by feeling free without a TV, I've only been cured of that disease for over a year but 14 years is amazing! I'd be eager to get on that side of those many years to see how it feels.