Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Echoes of Silence

Echoes of silence, to my heart console

like rays of light, a dreary night illuminate;

cries and shrieks of my trembling self

go unheard...but you do know

for in the letters of gold, t'was on thy soul engraved.

Love, why you be not here? I ask myself...

thine whispers of hope, why can't I hear?

the naked truth, my vision of sight t'has stripped;

deeper and deeper into the abyss it falls,

the abyss...of this fathomless dream.

Suddenly, at once...a Magpie's nest,

catches its soul, by the thread of a grass

...in the silver moonbeams, as it rejuvinates...

the starlight fom above, spots its other half;

which in a kingdom faraway, sleeps a restless night.

Together then...in joy and innocence they bathe

...their being, faraway so, in a neverland's dream;

thus, one they become...for their spirits entwine,

the waves wash the shores! And then the sun off sea...

seal their fates to be one forever...those grains of sand.

Plop...plop...plop...as the raindrops drip,

their haunting sound turns my brows' wheel;

and then, faraway I disappear...

I fly away with the winds,

but in their hearts again, I reappear.

I return thus, I do return...where else would I go?

becoming the arrows of the divine archer winged,

with a stallion's speed, thy souls and hearts I pierce;

and by its mane, the course of life I steer,

life...mine and yours, and theirs and ours...

Woosh! though the candles burnt out,

their light still remains in my being...and says...

"To wither away and burn yourself...for them,

who in thy glory shine...life does be"

some live on...while some shed a silent tear.

And thus, without a sound...without any trace,

into the eternal you sublime; through me, and I in you,

only to wake up...to what we already knew.

which dream you talked of? and which dreamer?

For once, for others, for your other half,

you ceased to be...only to find the truth, the love and joy;

and just as you lost yourself in them,

in the life itself, you dissolved.

Just a shot of lightning though, and none remains,

one grieves, while the others sees joy;

and then the one enjoys...as the other,

...in his solitude, sheds his mien...in his tears.

and all this...t'was but a profanation of your soul,

which lost on its rambles on the lovely plains;

...now do awake...to the light of peace and love,

the echoes of silence whisper thus.


Noor said...

ohk, that was certainly..... hmm wats the word that am looking for? deep is one word but actually my brain didn't comprehend much of it!! its proabably bcuz its 3am now... or its too big for me! um sure its bcuz of both, but really I managed to relate to sumthing echos of silience bcuz when sileince is all over the place I feel that therez too much pressure on my ears and I wud feel as if this silience way toooo much louder than noise! keep up da good work

FaerieDevilish said...

I don't think any other image could have illustrated it better.

I like it.

Anonymous said...



din't quite understood but I think it should be good...:P lol.