Monday, February 19, 2007

Zen Poetry

Tao of Life

Go there, what has been abandoned by all,
Go there, where no life thrives;
And once you go, see that humming bee,
Smile to it, and it shall show you its hives.


The lark above, it chases its prey,
Soaring through the winds gracefully it flies;
What an awesome scene! But I just smile…
…and the next moment, I am that lark.

Dialectics of Existence

The thirsty soil, drinks the tears of the sky,
And then under its lightning’s frenzy it burns;
But the rosebud grows full, to feed the bees,
And with its thorns, to bleed the gardener’s hands.

Dependent Co origination

The moon and the stars, on a summer’s night,
Play hide-and-seek in the clouds;
The owls hoot, the wolves howl, the frogs croak,
And the plants grow on their own.

...Aniccho Hoti Nibbuto...

“who is it?”; “you know better…”
“is it that what you are, and unto it I be?”
“Ah! Now we are free!”


Unknown said...

Haha...very nice, Satori....:D

Getting in Japanese culture and poetry, eh? Good for you...:)

Oh, have started a new science trying to make it one of the most popular on the net...will pop by and leave a link sometime this week....

Waed S. said...

it is good to be reading here again :D