Saturday, September 16, 2006

Who Am I?

Am I the mortal bond of men,
or am I a the freedom of birds?
Am I the path of lonely hearts,
or am I the sound of worlds?
Am I the water of gushing streams,
or am I the melody of reeds?
Am I the light of hopless darks,
or am I the begger on streets?
Am I the fragrance of daffodils,
or am I a pearl of dews?
Am I the smile of an innocent child,
or am I the truth all knew?
Am I the edge of the sword of truth,
or am I the valour of knights?
Am I the charm of the 'maggi' devine,
or am I the koans of 'wu'?
Am I the suffering of ignorants,
or am I the wisdom of wise?
Am I the one who really exists,
or am I spirit of light?
Am I 'duende' of all that is,
or am I the shower of rain?
Am I the one to see the end,
or am I the one to be slain?
What am I and who am I,
I know none about...
But one thing that I know for sure,
is...I am a hermit, who sings his dirge!
.....wink, and everything is changed!! ;)


Anonymous said...

no comments yet!!! how strange, I thought by this time I wud find every1 saying wat a gr8 poem rohit! well its lucky me!! thats it I now announce that this poem belongs 2 me! no one can take it! after this being said, I seriously love that poem and eventhough there r stuff that I don't understand sum stuff in there its so AZAZING!!! seriously way 2 go rohit!!!

Rohit said...

hehe..the poem is urs noor!! you own it now! =D

thanks for the comment :)