Saturday, September 16, 2006

When Angels Save the Dead

An ocean of eternity waits
but the lapse of tides go on;
And still I wander like a lost soul,
in the alleys of life so dark.

Shadows of past haunt this day,
and shall haunt the morrow as well;
when storms are the pavers of our path,
what more can we expect?

Sorrows measure fathoms deep,
and you drown in the ocean of tears!
But the sight of your angel there for you
Wipes out all your fears.

There, to save you, it appears,
guised as an innocent lamb;
To lift you from this deadly strife,
and help you to repent?

But those who know nothing of this,
how shall they be prepared?
Will they perish and become the dust,
or will they meet their angel as well?

But when angels save the deads of ever,
need be for them to repent?

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