Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Magic of Dawn.

Into the gentle embrace of night,

how calmly dawn does sleep;

Like a child with a smile on its face,

in the laps of his mother it dreams.

Slowly it awakes from the shadows of dark,

to a bright new day it rise;

Dusting away its lazy sleep,

spreading across the skies.

Tenderly knocking the nests of aves,

whose young ones on the boughs do rock;

Together they sing to welcome the morn,

along with their friends in flocks.

The saffron tinted sky of dawn,

across the ocean green tis'streatched;

With the display of light's interplay,

Which the artist in his easle has sketched.

Cold breeze blowing through the clouds,

carries the scent of musk;

O'er the land as it comes,

Carries with it the dusk.

Mesmerising indeed, is this beauty divine,

raptures the joy, like a young ravine;

Consuming my soul and mind it says...

seek me oh wise! for your truth is also mine.

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