Thursday, October 05, 2006

Rainbow of my Dreams

I see a rainbow in the sky,

the rainbow of all those dreams;

All the dreams which I had seen,

and those wchich everyone see.

I look at the nimbus cleared sky,

which just showered the virgin rain;

The rain which sowed the seeds of life,

In the womb of barren earth's terrain.

The miracle of life, has manifested now,

Alas! but my eyes can't behold;

For this beauty I feel, is far beyond,

the springs of blessed mortal joy.

A fool indeed I ought to be,

who desires none but life itself;

A fool indeed I ought to be,

who fears none but fear itself.

Haunt me O wisdom! I stand before thee,

I turn the wheels of life, with my every wink;

Else I wish to drown and die,

in the deluge of my destiny.

I know for what I cometh here,

thy pranks shalt not work on me;

I hold the key to thy future, O wisdom!

only if thy wisheth to see.

Now I fly with lovley birds in sky,

up above the rainbow I see;

Together we span the oceans wide,

which start as a little stream.

Inexorable I know, my fate is indeed,

for I follow the path of my heart;

The heart which bore all those dreams,

the dreams of living again as a seed.

Rainbow, no more I wish to see,

for I see beyond its mien;

I bathe in the spring of first sulphur,

Which dissolves myself in thee.


Anonymous said...

rohit, cool blog =) what happened to you? how have u been!

Waed S. said...

That was simply fascinating! no comment!!!

Rohit said...

thnx a lot waed..!! =D