Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Epitaph

Shhhh...!! Say no more, let me enjoy this solitude now;
See for yourself, the bliss it brings along.
Can you hear soul screams your name...
But alas! what can I do...I be there no more.
How shall I convince thy innocent heart?
Its laments I cannot see! But still thou be...
...the one you were, although time hath changed me.

Ask not again, for thou dost know, I have nothing to say;
Ask not though, but once...for I do have something to say.
Clueless I be, but still I must get done what is ought to be done;
Hence, this moment, I beseech look into my eyes.
Can you see, what I wish to say?
Can you hear what I wish to show? No! not the tears...
...for they won't stop; I ask thee once more, come near.

Did the thrush deliver my songs to you?
Did the flowers make thee cry?
And then did the butterflies catch those tears?
Oh! tears no more my love, now cheer!!
Look at the sun, setting behind those hills;
And behold the beauty of dusk, and rain showering...
...its heavenly pearls, shalt cheer thee up for sure!

Close thy eyes, and know it now; what has passed...
...cannot be changed. Past no more thy enemy be,
Live right now, right here. What of me? I be no more;
I lay in peace, love and no fear. Look up, and read those lines,
The epitaph says...mourn not, my love, be brave.
Thy floods of tears, won't bring me back; I live eternally,
in the memories we both cherished.

Forgive me though, no valediction I bade;
But wasn't it then for good? I never went,
I always was and will always be, in your heart...
...I belong nowhere, but there...forever.
This little rose, now that you put on my grave,
Indeed dost make me cry. But helpless I be...
...for we do know; that corpses cannot cry!


Anonymous said...

hey thats rilly good! I was kinda lost at first but then I was bak on track, thats rilly good kulkarni! way 2 go!
and just try guessing who I am!

Rohit said...

ha! i know who you are. its only be noor who likes to hide like this =P... caught you noor!! ;)

thank you for the comment..another poem is on its way :)

Anonymous said...

Great poem Rohit!I wonder how one can write so beautifully...
Have you sent it for publication or not??
If not, then send it right now!

Noor said...

ah! shoot! why??? *sigh* I thought I wud b able 2 play with u a lil :P but ya the poem is gr8, finally the soft side of u reaveled

Rohit said...

soft side? i wonder...=P

still u haven't read one of the latest thing...which u won't obviously but if u read that u'd be like...plz get ur brain checkd!!! sumthing's seriously wrong with u lolz ;)