Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Confessions of a Fanatic.

Treading through the shadows, alone I walked

On the path which has no ending, and no start;

Cutting through the mist, alone I sailed

In the sea of tears of innocent wails;

Mesmerized, Hypnotized, Bewitched my soul had been

For millions of aeons, land I had not seen;

Locked up in the prison, of virtual walls

Never did I realize, that pride is followed by a fall;

Living like a fool, conforming with the herd

The picture of reality, thus becoming blurred;

Thinking that I am right, and the world is wrong

My ego had controlled me, for very long;

Unaware of my identity, being forever lost

Wretched I had become, like the one in 'Faust';

Unable to distinguish, the right and wrong

The true forces were becoming, unbearably strong;

There, just in front of me, was standing my doom

For any sort of doubt now, there was no room;

Running behind false ideals, all my life

Unaware of the reality, I had been;

I was dreaming to be a martyr and attain the 'Paradise'

Which in existence...never had been;

Scared I was, of some imaginary 'GUY'

With my true nature, I was refusing to comply;

O dear! I regret, what had I done;

In the name of something, which is nomore than a pun!

One more ring now, I have added to the chain;

Which binds me to this world, so mortal and profane!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great!I'm in awe of your poetic talents.You think so deeply, which is aptly reflected in your poems.And yet, you come across as a sometime aggressive and sometime funny young boy when talked to.Like I always say, you're like the ocean!Your depth seriously can't be gauged from your surface...