Saturday, December 02, 2006


On the roof I lay,
watching the clouds;
and then the stars at night,
Ah! a rose just did pout!

Wait! it's not a stone,
it screamed just now;
but why does it hide?
Think not more, for you know why.

Look into my eyes though,
and see thyself;
but when I look in thine,
It's the eternity me sees.

So you say you know it all?
then look at this stick;
tell me what it is,
don't know why, I just see the sand!

A sphere in a sphere,
and just void in between;
nothing else, there be...
so where is the child you see?

Giant waves of the oceans blue,
sweep the shores each day;
but what do they leave behind?
A which our worlds be!

Winds too blow the leaves now,
of the flaming trees of autumn red;
they do go far away...yes they do,
but they return fresh and green.

So only this water, my concern be
and the pitcher it lives, does not;
oh! a thorn in my foot..what a shame!
I love it still, now it does be mine!
Dumb right? Not really...think! ;)


Saudamini said... of the amazing poems I have read...! u know what...u r just too good at it. and with all its layers of meanings and your passion.....I really cannot I feel.


Rohit said...

haha...yes you got it! and that 2 not saying it here though. but its gr88!! thnx for ur comment...vry encouraging =P no thnx its ok, sorry for saying thanks..loollz!