Sunday, December 10, 2006

Go On...!

Try not to make your life just long,
But try and make it contented and strong

It's not your Needs but Deeds that count,
It's the seeds of love that you sow count;

The power of eternity lies with you,
And this is a fact not very new

Then why you let your work unfulfilled?
The kingdom of humanity you have to build,

So go on, now go on, just go on and on,
For only you can bring over a bright new dawn!


Noor said...

"go on get outta my head, um on the wrong side of....." dunno know the rest of the lyrics but as I read this that song clicked :P

Anonymous said...

haii iam aya u donot really know me but i have read every thing i like it so much this is my blog i wish any one to enter and read

Anonymous said...

it is me agian aya i love your blog so much