Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Spring

My rain dance lasted for night long

But now its dawn I see,

And it is the time to sing the song

from so long I wanted to sing.

I sing about the merry birds

I sing of nature's bliss,

I sing the song of picturesque woods

That stand lifeless and still.

Silhouette of dawn in woods looks like

spotlighting first flower of spring,

And wood-winds making it gently rock

On the rhythm of gushing streams.

The snow on the branches is melting now

Exposing the lichens beneath,

And ugly moths breaking their cocoons

transform to butterflies, as we dream.

The joyous ants are again on their march

Celebrating the arrival of spring,

And squirrels coming out of their holes say

"Rejoice!" for it is the 'spring'.
This is one of the old poems I wrote last year.

1 comment:

Noor said...

oh correction: this is onr of the GREAT poems I wrote last year!!!
PS: I luv commenting on ur poems :D
anywayz when will spring cum! I hate the winter in here :(